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"Crystal Bot is the easiest, fully automated, trading platform that does all the work for you... even while you sleep."

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About us

Crystal Bot was founded in 2018, with a vision of creating innovative ways to earn through our fully automated trading platform. It is our goal to do all the necessary work for you as we provide quality financial services. We are a bot trading company that utilizes both software and algorithm to trade. Our team is composed of competent professionals who aim to provide financial assistance to our clients in ensuring profitable trading transactions.

It is our mission is to enable anyone from anywhere, to earn passive income through cryptocurrency trading. Crystal Bot is the easiest and fully automated trading company that focuses on copy trading service and crystal token. With us, you get the best value of your investments anytime, anywhere, even while you sleep.


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Services Offered

We are a social trading company that offers widely available services that link our user’s cryptocurrency as we do the trades for them. Our company exists to earn money in the financial markets while we let our clients relax in the comforts of their homes.

As a social trading company, we avoid letting our users do all the work as we aim to help them gain experience through trade profitability. We allow our users to copy or clone our trades which is proven to consistently profit. Crystal Bot specializes in two services, copy trading and crystal token (CYL).


Copy Trading

It is as simple as investing your money by partnering with a reliable trader that clones or mimic existing traders’ transactions. Many may consider this risky since some third-party traders earn by getting monthly subscription fee from its clients. While some users earn by having small commissions.

But with Crystal Bot, we allow users to clone our company’s trading but only charge on performance or the winning trade. We currently have fully automated software that does the cloning for you. This way, we ensure our clients the best value of their money.

Crystal Token (CYL)

Our crystal token service operates on the Ethereum platform. This type of cryptocurrency token allows all investors to satisfy their pockets through constant passive income. Crystal Bot provides this utility token to our users who get discount on our trading fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many lack experience in trading while some need to develop a good trading strategy to avoid losing money. Today, copy trading is preferred by many investors for they earn while a team of expert trade on their behalf.

Here’s how copy trading is done. As an investor, you allocate funds to a reliable trader that you wish to copy trade with. All you must do is register with the expert and set up your preferred allocation percentage. The simplicity of copy trading comes when your trader does the transaction, you will also earn the same amount. For instance, when an expert trade 3% from their accounts, you will also earn the same 3% trade in real-time.

Here at Crystal Bot, we allow each user to go through our list of potential traders whose profiles show their profit in the past trades. We let you browse through your preferred account for copy trade and our in-house traders will be more than happy to assist you and give recommendations. This way, we are reducing the risks for our inexperienced users.

There are no required monthly subscription fees and we do not impose additional charges for setup and commissions. You will only pay for the trade fees set by our in-house traders. However, Crystal Bot’s unique feature is allowing our users to clone our company’s trading but only charge on performance (winning trade).

We recommend our clients to have at least 500 USDT and a few BNB to get a discount on Binance’s exchange trading fees, and CYL for our fees.

Crystal Token (CYL) is our platform’s ERC20 utility token. With this, you will get a discount if you avail of our copy trading service. The CYL token is needed for the trade fees of our users.

Our team is composed of expert traders who have outstanding experiences based on their profiles. We meticulously hire prospective applicants who have exceptional trading performance in the past. We also have consultants who helped assess the competence of our in-house traders.

We currently only support Binance exchange. But Crystal Bot will soon support Bybit and Bitmex exchanges.

There is no single strategy that best works in copy trading since each user has preferred circumstances. Our software will automatically clone our trades for you. By allowing you to browse through our past trading profiles, you can easily copy the profitable copy trading transactions from Crystal Bot.

The copy trading process is done in real-time. Thus, copied trades are easily executed in less than a minute or within seconds since the process is closely monitored by our in-house traders. Crystal Bot does not hold users’ profit as it immediately reflects on their account.